Terms of Service

As a Clubhouse choosing to participate and collaborate as a benefitting partner, the Clubhouse Giving Day requires that you enter into this Memorandum of Understanding which sets forth the services and duties provided by the Clubhouse Giving Day and roles and responsibilities of all participants.

1.    I confirm that my Clubhouse is a nonprofit eligible to receive tax-deductible gifts and will provide our EIN number for verification.

2.    I understand that my Clubhouse must be a current, paid member of Clubhouse International to participate. Unpaid membership dues to Clubhouse International may result in my registration being declined. Exceptions to this may be made on a case-by-case basis.

3.    I understand that participation in Clubhouse Giving Day is purely voluntary and has no bearing or relationship to our Clubhouse's Accreditation status.

4.    I understand that the Giving Day is not responsible for the amount of money contributed to my Clubhouse over the course of the event and understand that donors choose which Clubhouse they would like to make their gifts to and that the Giving Day has no control of this process.

5.    I confirm that my Clubhouse has a website or Facebook page and that we will add the Giving Day link to one or both.

6.    I understand that my Clubhouse's staff, board of directors, volunteers, and donors should promote the Giving Day over the course of the 24-hour event using social media.

7.    I understand that if asked to participate in any media interviews or appearances (newspaper, tv, radio, digital) about Clubhouse Giving Day, I speak on behalf of all Clubhouses participating in Clubhouse Giving Day. I agree that I/we will provide and include to the extent possible the media fact sheet on the global network of Clubhouses represented by Clubhouse International.

8.    I understand that my organization will receive all the monies that have been donated to my Clubhouse less any transaction fees not covered by the individual donor.

9.    I understand that GiveGab.com is an online platform that will safely process all contributions made to the event.

10. I understand that all donations will be disbursed in a timely manner via electronic funds transfer minus transaction fees to each participating Clubhouse.

11. Giving Day Prize winners chosen on the day of the event are subject to further verification and will be finalized [2 weeks] after the event.

12. I understand that my Clubhouse will have the ability to download contact information for all donors at our discretion until December 31, 2022 The download is in a CSV format.

13. I understand that as part of the GiveGab platform setup, Clubhouse International has access to all donor names and contact information. HOWEVER, Clubhouse International will not incorporate these names into its fundraising efforts. We reserve the right to communicate with them to give thanks for their participation in the global Clubhouse Giving day or educate them about the value of the Clubhouse International network. Any email communication will include the ability to opt-out of further communication. I understand that this restriction will not apply to donors who make gifts to Clubhouse International or who are already in the Clubhouse International database.