Terms of Service

I understand it is my responsibility as a donor to choose the Clubhouse(s) and/or Clubhouse International to receive my gifts. In the event I choose the wrong Clubhouse or otherwise wish to have a refund of my donation, I must email Teri Chadwick at tchadwick@clubhouse-intl.org within 4 hours of making my donation.

I understand that in the event I choose to support more than one Clubhouse, I will be acknowledged (and receipted) by each Clubhouse entity separately.

I understand that it is my choice to elect to cover transaction fees, and although I am under no obligation to do so, that the net amount supporting this important mission will be greater if I cover the transaction fees.

I understand the transaction fees are set by the GiveGab platform and are not determined by any Clubhouse or Clubhouse International.

I understand that it can take up to three (3) business days for donations to be distributed to the Clubhouse(s) I am supporting.

I understand that my gift(s) may count towards qualifying my Clubhouse(s) for prizes as part of Clubhouse Giving Day and that Clubhouse International solely determines the prize winners according to the prize rules.