Get Involved!

We're planning our first ever Clubhouse Giving Day and YOU are the key to its success! Here are some fun ways you can participate:


Is your favorite Clubhouse participating in this year’s Clubhouse Giving Day? Did you know that you can raise funds on their behalf by acting as their Clubhouse Giving Day fundraiser? Creating a fundraising profile is quick, easy, and fun to do! Not to mention, you’ll help increase the incoming donations for your favorite Clubhouse and help them qualify for prizes, so let’s get started! Check out the handy toolkit created just for you!

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Businesses & Sponsors

Sponsoring Clubhouse Giving Day means that you give invaluable support to Clubhouse while simultaneously gaining positive exposure through media opportunities and high traffic volume to this website. Learn more about becoming a sponsor for Clubhouse Giving Day on our sponsor's page.

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Donors & Clubhouse Advocates

Whether you want to 'give where you live' or you are a passionate Clubhouse Advocate looking to support several Clubhouses, there’s lots of giving to be done for Clubhouse Giving Day! Search for your Clubhouse by name or city or support multiple Clubhouses by using the handy shopping cart feature!

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Are you looking for volunteer opportunities associated with Clubhouse Giving Day? Not every participating Clubhouse will have these opportunities available, but you can find out easily by visiting their giving profile. Simply search for your desired Clubhouse and check out their profile to see if they’re looking for volunteers.

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Board Members

Did you know that there’s a positive correlation between having engaged board members and raising more money for Giving Days? Clubhouse Giving Day makes increased engagement for board members easy by providing a free toolkit of promotional materials, social media graphics, email templates, and more!

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